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Referral Partner

Become a Referral Partner Today and Enjoy an Additional Stream of Residual Income!

The new trend in the marketplace for business owners is incorporating "web-based efficiency tools," to increase productivity, without increasing labor.

That is why CitaLinkĀ® is perfect for anyone doing telephone contact or direct marketing from their home or office.

To help spread the word about  the CitaLinkĀ® Live Caller, we've created a Referral partner program that can generate you a steady stream of  residual income by simply referring this amazing service to others.

It's a perfect add-on to your current business, and you will receive a lucrative 10% of the sales volume you create from your referrals, month after month.

Here's how it works; We encourage you to be a subscriber of CitaLink, and be a product of the product.  However this is not mandatory.  Just click the link below and sign up for free right now. There is no requirement, no monthly commitment, or no cost of any kind.

Upon completing the sign up process, you will be given two links for promotion.

You will receive one link, that you can give to people directly to sign up for the CitaLink service, and you will receive a second link to invite people to our live demonstration webinars. 

There is sophisticated tracking set up to ensure you receive credit for your referrals
when you invite guests to our webinars or directly to your site, that end up purchasing the service.

Sign Up As A Referral Partner Today! -
Earn Residual Income, and Help Out Your Associates
Be 300% More Productive In Outbound Calling!

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