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How the Live Caller Works: as easy as 1,2,3!

The CitaLink® Live Caller is designed to be incredibly easy to use, so you'll be up and running mere minutes after signing up.  There's no equipment or software to buy or install.  All you need is a phone and a PC with an Internet connection!

Import your leads/contacts
You can import lead lists in the most common formats, including .xls (Excel) and CSV. You can also type in leads.

Record a message.
Record a message to be automatically left on the voice mail of those who don't answer. You can even load a pre-recorded promotional or "leader" message for them to listen to, followed by your phone number to call.

Click the “Make Calls” button!
The Live Caller will call you at the phone number you've provided – your cell phone, home phone, any phone. Then, when you're ready, it will start getting people from your list on the phone for you, one after another.

While you're talking, the Live Caller is leaving your message for people who don't answer. You spend your time talking to live prospects – not wasting time on dialing, wrong numbers, and listening to ringing phones, busy signals and answering machines!

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